Bite Booster Group was founded in May 2016 in Poraj, Poland.
Our company specializes in design, development and manufacture of innovative artificial lures.
Therefore, we focus all our efforts on creating and marketing new types of uniquely-designed lures that would bring anglers’ hobby to a new level.
We devote special attention to the environment. That’s why we use environmentally safe materials, such as stainless steel and bismuth (Bi).
Bite Booster Group has own, rapidly expanding manufacturing base featuring production cycle that meets the needs of the growing market.
Currently, we are focused on promoting our products and open to offers from our partners in Europe and other countries of the world.
Today, our company produces the Bite Booster Моdel Trolling Plus S lure, designed and patented by Sergiy Ulyanov (Ukraine). Patents for the Trolling Plus model have been issued in Poland, Canada, Ukraine, China, Russia and Australia. Patent registration applications have also been filed in the United States, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and Italy.
The Bite Booster Trolling Plus model line features lures of various sizes, weight, colors, oscillation modes and depth of use.
When working on development of this model line, our company accommodates recommendations and suggestions from experts and fishermen who use and test our lures. It helps us design lure models that meet the strictest requirements to freshwater and saltwater fishing.
For over two years, Bite Booster Trolling Plus lures have been manufactured by our Canadian partner Bite Booster Lures, and are highly praised by fishermen in Canada, the United States and other countries.

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