Model Trolling Plus M


Bite Booster Trolling Plus M is based on Trolling Plus design and used for deep-sea trolling and vertical fishing.

The lure’s weight is 79-85 grams, length is 12 cm, which allows it to be used effectively for trolling at depths of up to 16 meters.

M model is equipped with the same hook as the standard set. However, it can become an additional hook in the loop under the sinker to increase the catchability.

During movement our lure creates active vibrations in a wide range of speeds, including the lowest one; it also creates a noise effect – a uniform tapping of the plate against the crest.

In addition to deep-sea trolling, M model can be used for vertical fishing from a boat or from ice.

When using one of the aforementioned methods, you can see three modes of active vibration that change depending on the chosen aperture for line attachment – soft vibration (front aperture) to most active vibration (rear aperture).

Bite Booster Trolling Plus M is made of stainless steel / bismuth and is available in a variety of colors.

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All-purpose artificial bait. Weight: 79-85 grams Depth up to: 16 m Boat speed, from: 3 kph (1.8mph)

Additional information

Weight 0.082 kg
Dimensions 12 cm

Midnight, Silver, Gold, Cuprum, Black Nickel

Horizontal fin

Midnight, Silver, Gold, Cuprum, Black Nickel


Red, Yellow

Triple hook

Salt water